Relative Distance is a contemporary design studio, founded in 2020 by London based designers Roland Ellis (1983) and Dev Joshi (1987) who are fascinated by space and relationships of scale across the universe.
Roland and Dev met at Brunel and joined forces to create an inspiring collaborative studio and each have their own practices and backgrounds in design and innovation. As part of Relative Distance, they design and make extraordinary objects which explore relationships in space and the way in which we measure and perceive the world around us. With modes of measurement, complexity is channelled through elegantly detailed objects.

Roland Ellis

Roland Ellis is a freelance designer applying creative and technical experience from multiple design disciples to products and spaces. With an approach that links design for manufacture to conceptual work, Roland has successfully delivered complex projects through an intuitive understanding of both human and engineering challenges.

Roland Studied Industrial Design at Brunel University London, worked in China for a year, with studios Philip Watts Design, with Artist Wolfgang Buttress and with Artists Troika. With a specialism in custom lighting, Roland was commissioned along side creative coder Andrea Cuius for live shows in London and NYC. This lead to working with custom lighting studio Haberdashery.

Roland has since collaborated with clients such as Folk Clothing, Google, Sonos and Montblanc, while also supporting startups and small teams in London with innovation and processes in their projects.
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Dev Joshi

Dev Joshi is an award winning designer and technologist who thrives on tackling diverse and complex problems. He brings a unique combination of creative and technical expertise to any project having graduated from Product Design Engineering BSc from Brunel university in 2010.

While he was Technical Director for Collective Act in 2022, Dev worked as part of a collaborative team on Dreamachine, a groundbreaking immersive experience. Previously Dev was a member of Random International, an art studio which explores technology and its relationship between nature and human behaviour. As Associate Director and Head of Technology, Dev spent a decade overseeing the design and delivery of large scale light installations and interactive sculptures.  

Dev is Visiting Lecturer for Technology and Strategy at Innovation Design Engineering course at the Royal College of Art / Imperial College London a position he has held since 2017. 
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