Temporarily aligned with our Moon, Phase is a long form timepiece and synchronous lunar light. 
Phase captures the behaviour and movement of our celestial neighbour. Correct to the night's view, Phase encapsulates the ethereal properties of the moon in a tangible, beautifully designed object.
Assembled by hand, Phase combines innovative lighting and diffusion technology with cutting edge additive manufacturing processes.
The caseback is bound using sand mixed with mineral dust in a process which mirrors the way in which proposed materials such as could theoretically be used to build on the moon’s surface.
Phase is designed as a ‘plug and play’ product, meaning it can be easily set up as a wall or table mount, without complex installation requirements. The product will be delivered in high quality, thematic, sustainable packaging with product information and a certificate of authenticity.
The moon image is based on NASA data thanks to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which started capturing data from lunar orbit in 2009. The subtlety of gradient and resulting replication of the phases with light is remarkably accurate. Employing bespoke software, electronics and optics, the piece mirrors the progression of the moon’s phases over a lunar cycle, revealing the landscape’s detail each time the light crosses the glass.
Each iteration of Phase is derived from a different mineral quality of the lunar regolith. 
Phase is being launched in two limited edition colours: Ilmenite and Feldspar. The Ilmenite edition is a textured deep grey while the Feldspar edition is a textured light grey. Ilmenite is named after the Iron-titanium oxide mineral, dark in appearance and found in the lunar maria, the darker plains visible to the naked eye from Earth. Feldspar is a group of silicate minerals that make up a significant portion of the Moon's crust, and these are largely responsible for the bright appearance of the lunar highlands.
  • Details

    Limited edition of Phase by Relative Distance (each edition is in an edition of 28)
    Available in the base colours: Ilmenite or Feldspar
    Edition numbering (handwritten) accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
    Made to order, lead time projected: 12-16 weeks for initial orders

  • Included

    Phase limited edition artwork
    Printed and signed certificate of authenticity
    Printed user guide
    Power cable
    Power adaptor (international)
    Caseback infills
    Printed safety and compliance accreditations
    Wall mounting hardware and templates

  • Mounting

    Manual adjustment of the brightness, if required
    Wall hanging via single screw
    Table mounting via slot assembled table stand

  • Connectivity

    Powered by USB-C, integrating into wall or hung cable
    Backup battery life is approx 10 years
    Easily integrated with home automation / Lutron systems

  • Downloads

    Datas Sheet
    Press Media Kit
    Care & Maintenance
    User Manual

  • Exhibitions

    London Design Festival 2024

  • Representation

    London Design Festival 2024